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Our start point will be Dunstaffnage Marina, and the time will be coincident with the start of The BBC Rickshaw Challenge. We will count our roundings of Mull from and to abeam of Lady Rock (lies between Lismore and the Isle of Mull). We will decide our direction of circumnavigation at the start of the Challenge, and would prefer not to change that direction. However if there are compelling reasons for doing so, then we will change direction by rounding Lady Rock. We will finish our Challenge coincident with the finish of the BBC Rickshaw challenge.


While our objective is to sail continuously day and night, we must do so safely. At all times we will be monitoring weather actuals and forecasts and tidal heights and streams, and will hove to, or seek shelter while hazardous weather persists.

All our passage making will be under sail alone.  We will only use our engine for battery charging, or for getting into and out of shelter if weather demands that we suspend the challenge.

There is a full moon on 12th November, and the largest tides of the fortnight are on Wednesday 13th November. (Anywhere round Mull, adverse tides can slow us down and around Lady Rock, it can stop us (for several hours))